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‘In the bull’s eye’: More powerful twisters coming

The forecast holds a menacing possibility: More twisters may be coming, and they could be even stronger. loartbbs gateway elweb blog Date: 10/26/2010 Time: 10:15:30 AM Remote User: ments editor justbustedmugs .markedsindex.dk Date: 27-07-2013 22:30:22: Name: nocbgokdfai: Email: demilleyumu@hotmail.: Own Url: http://.tddai.: ments: Vogel even es close it for the Motion

New ‘biopsy in a blood test’ to detect cancer

Scientists and cancer physicians have successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of an advanced blood test for detecting and analyzing circulating tumor cells — breakaway cells from patients’ solid tumors — from cancer patients. The findings show that the highly sensitive blood…