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The two most prominent candidates to lead the Democratic Party appeared to agree with each other on most of the issues in a CNN debate Wednesday night, while outsider candidates and the moderators needled them about how sharply the party should focus on President Donald Trump and whether sitting Democratic officeholders should be primaried in 2018.
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Candidates for Democratic National mittee chair stand during the DNC Future of the Party Forum at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix Hotel on Jan. 14 In a recent forum of the seven Democratic National mittee (DNC) chair candidates, all of them, including Sen. Bernie Sanders backed candidate Rep. Keith White people were the subject much criticism during the Democratic Natial mittee Forum Mday in Whingt, D.C., with e Tags: chair, candidates, lambaste, white, Why DNC chair candidates skipped Why attended a private dor retreat instead the Women's March The seven running for Democratic Natial mittee are ing to terms with an increingly likely scenario: This could