Drexel University finds a brilliant (and crazy?) new way to use iPads

These days, it’s not surprising to see all sorts of strange and unusual items in vending machines. Even on the consumer electronics front, it’s easy to spot vending machines sporting high-end earphones and even iPods. But what we haven’t yet seen is a vending machine that dispenses iPads. Until now. DON’T MISS: Every gorgeous iPhone 6 case we’ve ever recommended – plus 4 new ones Drexel University recently partnered up with the Free Library of Philadelphia to roll out vending machines that lets library card toting users check out an iPad for up to 4 hours of use. Remember being able to check out movies and CDs from public libraries? It’s just like that, but with a modern twist. Security minded users can

Quoted from Drexel University finds a brilliant (and crazy?) new way to use iPads on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

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