Video: Islamic State kills Ethiopian Christians in Libya

The attack widens the circle of nations affected by the group’s atrocities.

Quoted from Video: Islamic State kills Ethiopian Christians in Libya on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Al-Qa'ida in Iraq (AQI) Also known as: Al-Qa'ida in Iraq; Al-Qa'ida in Iraq – Zarqawi; Al-Qa'ida of Jihad in the Land of the Two Rivers; Al-Qa'ida of Jihad Organization in the Land of the The Islamic State of Iraq (ISI; ic: دولة العراق الإسلامية ‎ Dawlat al-ʿIrāq al-ʾIslāmiyyah) (monly referred to as al-Qaeda in Iraq) was a militant Salafist jihadist group that aimed to establish an Islamic state in The latest news and ment on the (Isis) militant group Tags: islamic, state, world, guardian, News | Heavy. Today’s top breakg news and current events. US news, world news, crime news. What you need to know when you’re on the go. An Iraqi officer planned 's takeover Syria and SPIEGEL has been given exclusive access to his papers. They portray an organization that, while seemgly driven by religious

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