8 awesome paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now

The weekend has come and gone far too quickly, as it always does. If there’s one thing that will soften the blow of finding yourself stuck at work or in school once again today, however, it’s a solid list of paid iPhone and iPad apps that are on sale for free. This week we’re starting things off with eight nifty paid iOS apps on sale, and as always, you should hurry because any or all of these great sales could be over at any minute. DON’T MISS: Apple Watch makes the worst thing about the iPhone 6 even worse These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to

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We’re halfway home, and what better way to celebrate hump day than with a whole bunch of nifty paid iPhone and iPad apps that are on sale for free? Today, we have eight great paid According to just about every Apple analyst out there, Apple had a killer quarter to finish out the calendar year in 2014. The pany is expected to have sold more bined iPhones and iPads than It’s a very, very bad Mday to have mey in the stock market, so why d’t you cheer yourself up a bit by getting some and iPad that are Tags: awesome, paid, iphone, ipad,

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