Sen. Bernie Sanders running for president

Promising to fight what he deems “obscene levels” of income disparity and a campaign finance system that is a “real disgrace,” independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said Wednesday he will run for president as a Democrat.

Quoted from Sen. Bernie Sanders running for president on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Sen. Bernie Sanders is running for President in 2020. Previously, he ran for President in 2016 and lost in the primary, remaining in the Senate. Previously, he ran for President in 2016 and lost in Full transcript: Sen. Bernie Sanders on "Face the Nation" The following is a transcript of the interview with Sen. Bernie Sanders that aired Sunday, June 23, 2019 on "Face the Nation" Jun 23 A cloud of resentment, fear and frustration consumed the Washington ial campaign headquarters of (I-Vt.) on Friday, as staff members fumed that an internal labor dispute was revealed without the union’s blessing. Tags: bernie, sanders, campaign, staff, Tax Returns - Bernie Sanders Releases 10 Years of Tax Returns, 9 Months Bee Caucuses & Primaries Begin. Voluntary disclosure follows nearly 30 years of annual financial disclosures; Vermont senator urges Trump to follow suit. : Guide to Political Revolution. Henry Holt and pany (BYR), 2017, ISBN 978-1-250-13891-0 (eingeschränkte Vorschau in der Google-Buchsuche).

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