Obama: Gulf allies support Iran nuke talks

The president says a deal that blocks Iran’s pathway to a nuclear weapon would serve everyone’s interests.

Quoted from Obama: Gulf allies support Iran nuke talks on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

RIYADH, Saudi ia (AP) — President Barack Obama met Thursday with top officials from six nations to discuss regional security issues in the Persian Gulf including the fight against the Can Obama Tow the Line With Gulf Allies? Differences over U.S. policy toward Tehran, Syria’s civil war and the Spring uprisings loomed over meetings at Camp David that President Obama US President Barack Obama has reaffirmed his mitment to protecting America’s in the Cooperation Council. The… Tags: barack, obama, committed, arab, Obama seeks to reassure Gulf President Barack Obama has attempted to reassure America’s Sunni that the US has not gone ‘soft’ on in the wake of its controversial nuclear weapons deal as he urged The foreign ministers of Persian states have decided to cool the temperature and accentuate the positive in meetings with U.S. officials this week.

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