Apple quietly reveals a key Apple Watch security feature is coming this fall

Although Apple talked about a large number of new functionalities coming to the Apple Watch with the watchOS 2 software this fall, it failed to mention one that’s crucial to Watch owners: Anti-theft protection. DON’T MISS: Apple just released iOS 9 beta 1 – here’s how to download and install it Unlike the iPhone, iPad and even Mac, the Watch doesn’t really have any theft protection features, although that’s going to change once watchOS 2 arrives. Apple has updated its Watch pages with more details about watchOS 2 and has revealed that Apple Watch is getting its own Activation Lock support. “watchOS 2 includes Activation Lock, a new security feature. Activating your watch requires your iCloud Apple ID and password, so in the

Quoted from Apple quietly reveals a key Apple Watch security feature is coming this fall on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

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