Why do people seemingly forget that the Apple Watch is a first-gen product?

Yesterday we highlighted how Vanessa Friedman, a fashion critic for The New York Times, opted to return her Apple Watch for a variety of reasons; she didn’t like that it’s highly marketed, or the fact that it looked like a gadget, or the fact that some of the Apple Watch’s advertised features didn’t always work as seamlessly as she would have hoped. DON’T MISS: Newfound copy of original Star Wars script settles one of the biggest Han Solo debates ever Of course, if you browse through the comments section on the article, there are no shortage of “See! I told you so!” type of statements from folks who have long declared the Apple Watch to be nothing more than a passing fad.

Quoted from Why do people seemingly forget that the Apple Watch is a first-gen product? on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

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