Why is Bernie Sanders drawing huge crowds?

The enthusiastic audiences at his campaign stops are dwarfing the turnouts for Hillary Clinton.

Quoted from Why is Bernie Sanders drawing huge crowds? on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Sanders’s outsider message, rabid base, and bare-knuckle tactics have his rivals flummo. But also: “Bernie is the one guy in the field I think could easily lose to Trump.” Why two former Beto O'Rourke staffers now say they're with Bernie Sanders RUSH: The town hall on Fox News has got people on both sides of the political divide agitated. The Fox News fans are livid that was given the forum and access Tags: left, right, freak, over, Why Bernie Sanders Is Smeared and the Science of Smears The media’s focus on personality gned to shift attention away from dangerous ideas " right now has a better chance of winning than rest of field bined," said Cenk Uygur, founder of progressive news network TYT and host of "The Young Turks," who supported in 2016.

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