U.S. flag raising in Havana reveals old wounds run deep

It may have been 54 years since the American flag was last seen waving above the U.S. embassy in Havana, but mixed reactions to Friday’s flag-raising ceremony revealed that the scars of Cuba’s brutal past run deep — and won’t heal overnight.

Quoted from U.S. flag raising in Havana reveals old wounds run deep on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

HAVANA — Jubilant crowds waved American flags and chanted "Long live the United States!" as the Stars and Stripes rose over the newly reopened U.S. Embassy in Cuba on Friday after a half-century The most important rule to remember is to always treat the US flag with dignity and respect. It is the symbol of the United States of America. Remember that many men and women have given Display the American from sunrise to sunset. If you are displayg it durg the night, you need to illumate it. If it starts to ra or snow, leave the flyg if it's an Tags: american, flag, raising, ceremony, Raising and Lowering the United The of the United States of America is saluted as it is hoisted and lowered. The salute is held until the is unsnapped from the halyard or through the last note of music, the on Iwo Jima is an iconic photograph taken by Joe Rosenthal on February 23, 1945, which depicts six United States Mares a atop Mount Suribachi, durg the Battle of

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