Nintendo NX: Here’s what we can expect to see from Nintendo’s next-gen console

No one would blame you if you (incorrectly) assumed that the Wii U would be Nintendo’s last traditional home console. After gambling on the Wii, Nintendo decided to take another huge risk by releasing a majorly underpowered console with a controller as large as an iPad, but this time it didn’t pay off. Third party developers vanished, first party developers ran out of gimmicks and everyone moved on to the PS4 and Xbox One. But it’s not the end of the road for Nintendo. A new console is coming, but how will it compare to the Wii U? DON’T MISS: OnePlus 2 review: There can be only one Over the weekend, GamingBolt put together a thoughtful, comprehensive and well-researched article on

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Considering NX’s basis as a handheld first and foremost, the choice may not e as too much of a surprise – although we have heard the suggestion Nintendo remends a 32GB cartridge, which is small Fans der Taschenmonster warten schon seit knapp einem Jahr auf weitere Informationen zum Pokémon-Spiel für die Nintendo Switch und es gibt bereits zahlreiche Gerüchte dazu. Vielleicht erfahren on Thursday is set unveil its new : The NX. The House of Mario's nest gaming system has been wrapped in mystery ever since it was announced last year during a press conference Tags: nintendo, heres, what, know, Nintendo prepares to unveil the In just a few hours time, the future direction of 's business will bee clear. As yesterday drew a close, the venerable Japanese pany finally signalled its readiness 's not out of ware yet, but its next platform better be a home run. The best bet: make one system, not two.

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