Trump pledges military buildup, better deal for vets

He vows to offer frustrated veterans subsidized private health care.

Quoted from Trump pledges military buildup, better deal for vets on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly told Democratic lawmakers that some of President Donald Trump's campaign promises on immigration were On a day filled with ceremonial precision, Mark Esper -- a former paratrooper and bat vet -- became the 23rd secretary of the Army. Donald 's new plan the US in Afghanistan is exactly what the have been requesting years, says counter-insurgency expert David Kilcullen. Tags: donald, trumps, afghanistan, strategy, President Donald J. Trump - Biography. visits the life of Donald , real estate developer, mogul, and who was elected the 45th president of the United States in 2016. D onald has announced he does not plan to block the release of thousands of never-bee-seen documents about President John F. Kennedy's assassination.

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