Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella just used an ‘iPhone Pro’ to demo Outlook

When Apple introduced the iPad Pro last week, it called up two of its oldest rivals to help sell the device: Adobe and Microsoft. For many, this was quite a sight to behold. For years, Apple and Adobe engaged in a bitter war of words over the former’s reluctance to support flash on iOS devices. As for Apple and Microsoft? Well, their decades-old rivalry certainly needs no introduction. So when both companies took the stage at Apple’s special event last week to sing the praises of Apple’s upcoming new tablet, it was a funny reminder of how quickly the technological landscape can change. Further illustrating this point, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella yesterday used an iPhone to demo Microsoft’s Outlook app while speaking

Quoted from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella just used an ‘iPhone Pro’ to demo Outlook on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

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