Pope Francis visits prison: ‘All of us need to be cleansed’

Quoted from Pope Francis visits prison: ‘All of us need to be cleansed’ on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

It is clear that Pope Francis’ visit in September plays in favour of #Frelimo and Filipe #Nyusi. Directly or indirectly the visit will be politically profited from. It would be good if it was postponed By Linda Bordoni . Pope Francis will travel to the Indian Ocean islands of Madagascar and Mauritius and to the Southeast African nation of Mozambique in September 2019. returns sub-Saharan Africa for the second time on Sept. 4 10. He will visit Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauriti—specifically the capitals the countries that are all former Tags: what, pope, francis, visit, The visit of Pope Francis The will make his 31st aposlic journey Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauriti from 4 10 Septemr 2019, visiting the cities Mapu in Mozambique, Antananarivo in Madagascar and Port-Louis in Mauriti. The highlight meets with prisoners at a Philadelphia correctional facility Sept. 27, the final day his U.S. visit.

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