No shutdown: Congress approves bill to keep government open

Just hours before a midnight deadline, a bitterly divided Congress approved a stopgap spending bill.

Quoted from No shutdown: Congress approves bill to keep government open on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

With no deal in sight on a bill to fund the U.S. government, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell sent senators home until Thursday. In a shutdown, critical workers - including US border agents, and nonessential employees - would not get paid until the dispute ends. The possibility of a government shutdown fed investor While Trump agreed re govt without first getting $5.7 bn in border wall funds, he still threatened renew a state of emergency, if there is breakthrough in the next 3 weeks. Tags: trump, climbs, down, wall, This Is Now The Longest As the ongoing partial shutdown enters its 22nd day, it has set a new record for the longest shutdown in U.S. hisry. The current shutdown began on Dec. 22, meaning the has ional news on the fiscal cliff, sequestration, and political mentary surrounding members of .

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