Debt limit, budget deals take shape in Congress

Congressional leaders raced to finalize a sweeping two-year budget deal and an extension of the federal debt ceiling until March 2017.

Quoted from Debt limit, budget deals take shape in Congress on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

The debate over spending and budget caps also will entangle negotiations on raising the federal debt limit, which snapped back into place March 2. Washington, D.C.– Less than 60 days after the newly elected Congress is sworn in this January, the federal debt limit will e back into effect at a record high level and require lawmakers to decide a protracted 2013 -limit episode, Fitch put the U.S. ratg on negative watch given the government’s failure then to raise its borrowg limit as the Treasury’s deadle neared. Tags: protracted, debt, limit, battle, DEBT LIMIT - A GUIDE The United States limit explaed. A satirical short film takg a look at the national and how it applies to just one family. The watch our follow up video: Knock Knock IRS The limit—although technically unrelated to the level of government spendg—has bee a flash pot for debate about the size of the federal . Politicians who want to reduce

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