Debt limit, budget deals take shape in Congress

Congressional leaders raced to finalize a sweeping two-year budget deal and an extension of the federal debt ceiling until March 2017.

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The Congressional Budget Office said in a report that lawmakers had until mid-October to reach an agreement on raising the nation’s borrowing limit, or risk defaulting on its debt. White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney said on Monday he expects the Treasury secretary to use extraordinary cash management measures after the government's current debt ceiling extension expires Get ready for a long day of back-and-forth headles about the . Without a deal, the government shuts down at midnight tonight. The market really doesn't seem to care very much, part Tags: budget, fight, endgame, proves, House Passes 'No Budget No WASHGTON - The House of Representatives voted today to approve a three-month extension of the limit a bill that concurrently pressures lawmakers to adopt a or have their pay withheld. The limit—monly called the ceilg—is the maximum amount of that the Department of the Treasury can issue to the public or to other federal agencies. The amount is set by law and

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