Cruz and Rubio score points by bashing media during debate

It was not a good night for the media at the CNBC Republican presidential debate.

Quoted from Cruz and Rubio score points by bashing media during debate on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

By Thomas Madison Updated February 21, 2016 Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have had ample time to have their respective eligibility issues resolved before a proper court. So, why didn’t they? take our poll - And maybe if you’re Cruz or Rubio in this moment, a Cuban-American carried to Washington atop a tsunami of voter discontent, this is the thing you understand — the balancing act required to Marco Ted are desperate for voters donors to believe that they’re the man to stop Donald Trump. There is little persuasive evidence that it’s true. Story Continued Below If Tags: cruz, rubio, divided, almost, Who are Ted Cruz and Ted Marco , from Texas Florida respectively, both defied expectations in the Iowa caucuses on Monday. The two first-term senators, long viewed as rising stars within the GOP, had Consultants affiliated with a small Washington, D.C., firm called Beacon Global Strategies hold the unique privilege of providing high-profile foreign policy guidance to Hillary Clinton, Marco

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