Forget the ‘Post-PC’ era, Apple’s Mac lineup is thriving more than ever before

It’s fascinating how quickly the landscape can shift in tech. Not too long ago, it seemed that everyone was heralding the dawn of a new tablet age. Encouraged and perhaps blinded by the early success of the iPad, many people a few years ago were quick to predict that the Mac would inevitably become something of a footnote. Sure, people would still use the Mac for more intensive work tasks, the argument, went, but day-to-day computing would be carried out by tablets like the venerable iPad. It may have been a compelling argument at the time, but the reality is playing out much differently. Flash forward to 2015 and iPad sales are still plummeting. Meanwhile, Apple last quarter set a new

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Change happens in IT whether you want it to or not. But even with all the talk of the "post-PC" era and the rise of the horrifically named "bring your own device" hype, change has Of course, Microsoft gets a bit insulted when people say we’re living in a Post PC era. That’s why Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella has thought of a good eback: “I think we’re at the a Post-PC world. Google's playing for a Post-Phone world. I give se guys enormous props for ir foresight. It's all about skating to where puck going and Google Glasses could be it. Tags: forget, post, world, google, Microsoft to Apple: Forget the A few years ago, Apple’s (Nasdaq: AAPL) Steve Jobs was credited with popularizing term "Post-PC." With it, he embodied Apple’s fundamental view that mobile devices are an entirely For a couple of years now, we’ve seen coined term “post-PC” thrown around like a prophecy of doom, and yet that Armageddon hasn’t pletely e to pass, though are signs of slow erosion.

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