The final humiliation: BlackBerry overtaken by Tizen

There’s no shame in losing a market share battle with iOS and Android. Losing to Windows Phone? OK, so that’s not a good look. But losing to Tizen? That’s unprecedented… until now. MUST READ: Time Warner hints that Netflix may be too powerful for its own good New research from Strategy Analytics claims that Samsung’s Tizen mobile operating system has officially overtaken BlackBerry to become the No. 4 mobile platform in the world. Although Tizen has no presence here in the United States, Samsung has been pushing it aggressively in markets such as India where millions of people are connecting to the web via mobile phones for the first time. While the idea of a Samsung-developed OS overtaking BlackBerry would have been

Quoted from The final humiliation: BlackBerry overtaken by Tizen on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

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