Volvo’s Concept 26 showcases the future of autonomous driving, and it looks amazing

Most concept cars, in an effort to give us a glimpse of our driving future, focus almost exclusively on wildly imaginative and outlandish exterior designs. More often than not, these concepts, while cool, are a little bit too outlandish to be taken seriously. Earlier this week, during the Los Angeles Auto Show, Volvo decided to flip the script entirely. Instead of focusing on the exterior, Volvo rolled out an “interior design concept” that, while decidedly futuristic, is something you can actually imagine driving sometime in the not-too-distant future. DON’T MISS: Pyro mini is a new $150 gadget that lets you shoot fireballs from your hands like a superhero Dubbed Concept 26 (with 26 minutes being the duration of the average daily

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“Volvo’s development of the Scalable Product Architecture allows us to innovate and quickly bring concepts to production when the market is ready,” said Lex Kerssemakers, President and CEO of Volvo Cars of North America, “Volvo The lack of details on Volvo's Los Angeles Auto Show concept virtually guaranteed that the car would surprise us in some way. Of course, when the new Concept 26 hit the stage, it wasn't Volvo's presents an all-new patented seat gn that transforms depending on one three modes that driver an car can choose: Drive, Create or Relax. Tags: volvo, concept, imagines, interior, Hanging out in Volvo’s “Concept Cars — Hanging out in Volvo’s “ ,” a reinvented seat for a self-driving car Car seats as we know m will be woefully inadequate when driving is hed to a puter. Volvo's project, named after average daily mute time minutes, was refore gned to allow drivers to s back relax whenever y want.

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