North Korea says conducted ‘successful’ H-bomb test

North Korea said Wednesday it had carried out a “successful” hydrogen bomb test, a claim that — if true — massively raises the stakes over the hermit state’s banned nuclear programme. Neighbouring South Korea’s National Security Council “strongly condemned” the test, while Japanese Prime Minister described it as a “great threat” that represented a gross violation of UN Security Council resolutions. “The republic’s first hydrogen bomb test has been successfully performed at 10:00am (0330 GMT),” North Korean state television announced.

Quoted from North Korea says conducted ‘successful’ H-bomb test on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

President Donald Trump confirmed Friday that a second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will be held in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi on February 27 and 28. A satellite image of North Korea's Sohae Satellite Launching Station (Tongchang-ri) which Washington-based Stimson Center's 38 North says, "Rebuilding continues at the engine test stand" is seen in this image released from Washington, DC, U.S., South n intelligence officials have reportedly seen signs of new activity at n nuclear sites that the country previously pledged to dismantle. Tags: south, korea, says, north, North Korea returns $500M Otto has sent back a $500 million lawsuit to a U.S. District Court that ordered the Kim Jong Un regime to pensate the parents of Otto Warmbier. , officially the Democratic People's Republic of (DPRK or DPR ) (n: , Chosŏn Minjujuŭi Inmin Konghwaguk), is a country in East Asia constituting the ern part of the n Peninsula, with Pyong

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