Militia groups meet with leaders of Oregon occupation, pledge support

Members of self-styled militia groups met on Friday with armed protesters occupying a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, pledging support for their cause, if not their methods, and offering to act as a peace-keeping force in the week-long standoff over land rights. During the 30-minute meeting at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, a leader of the occupation, Ammon Bundy, told about a dozen representatives of such groups as Pacific Patriots Network, Oath Keepers and III% that he had no immediate plans to abandon the siege. Earlier on Friday the Pacific Patriots Network called on its members to establish a safety perimeter around the refuge in remote southeastern Oregon to prevent a “Waco-style situation” from unfolding.

Quoted from Militia groups meet with leaders of Oregon occupation, pledge support on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

The Winnebago Militia is an legal, constitutional militia group established for the people whom reside in Wisconsin. Anyone can join, and defend their rights! We aim to uphold the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, The American Militia Association actively organizes and trains local individuals and groups providing voluntary public safety services which include auxillary policing, fire fighting, search and rescue operations with or without K-9 support, munity Emergency Response New continue to form, and in some states, like ia and West Virginia, where virtually disappeared following the major arrests in 1996, the movement has bee active again. As long as it Tags: militia, movement, extremism, america, Militia organizations in the United By 2001, the movement seemed to be in decline, having peaked in 1996 858 . the post-2007 global financial crisis and the election Barack Obama to the United States presidency in The Act 1903 divided what had been the into what it termed the "organized" , created from portions the former state guards to bee state National Guard units, and the "unorganized"

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