Groundhog Day Storms the Web

by Claudine Zap

Groundhog Day is almost upon us, when rodent meteorologists take over the weather report to answer the pressing question: Is spring almost here, or are we subject to six more weeks of winter?

Searches on Yahoo! have forecasted a storm of interest, including “what is groundhog day,” “when is groundhog day,” and “history of groundhog day.”

The history of this now American tradition stems from pagan and Christian holidays brought over from Europe that looked to hibernating animals to signal the end of winter.
The Germans used hedgehogs as their weather guides. In Pennsylvania, early American settlers found

Quoted from Groundhog Day Storms the Web on Yahoo! Buzz Log

SOUTHWESTERN NS – Groundhog Day is known as the day that groundhogs emerge from their burrows, predicting whether it will be an early spring based on whether they see their shadow or not. The day meteorologists like to hate is here. It's Groundhog Day, so Punxsutawney Phil changed into once again forced from his hidey-hole on Saturday (Feb. 2) to expect even if spring is just around the A lot of focus on a storm brewing for Tues, Feb. 2 is about foot or more of snow so much of country could see. But that's not entire story. Tags: severe, storms, possible, groundhog, Groundhog Day History from Stormfax┬« ince 1993 release of film , starring Bill Murray as a TV wearman (who wakes up and it's over and over again!) and Andie MacDowell as his puzzled producer, attendance A large winter storm forecast to unfold could adversely affect well over 100 million people this week from Rockies to Plains, South, Midwest and Norast if it develops to its full potential.

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