Wild new theory says Earth may actually be two different planets

A new theory says Earth is made of two planets, rather than just one. Apparently, our planet is the result of a collision that helped map the course of both Earth as we know it and the moon. DON’T MISS: Fresh iPad Air 3 leak reveals more details about Apple’s most exciting tablet in years According to new research from the University of California, Earth and a hypothesized early planet called Theia collided, and the two planets fused together 4.5 billion years ago. That impact also formed our moon, Science Alert explains . The initial working theory was that the Earth and Theia only side-swiped each other, sending the moon into orbit and then flying away into

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LONDON —The Earth's moon may be a present from Venus, which once had a moon and then lost it, a new theory suggests. Under the theory, Earth's gravity captured Venus' old moon, giving our planet We know that humanity is having a er and er time ignoring the supernatural in the AHS universe. So what if Apocalypse is the humans Since their discovery 10 years ago, fast radio bursts have confounded astronomers. These intergalactic pulses of radio energy have defied explanation, but a suggests a technological Tags: wild, theory, suggests, radio, Flat-Earthers Have a Wild New Flat-ers Have a About Forests. What it means to lieve that “real” trees no longer exist . Sam Kriss. Septemr 9, 2016 . The "No Forests on Flat " truthers lieve ’s CBD extracts are gned for everyone who loves living life to the fullest. Whatever your adventure, big or small, we can help you on your way. CBD Oil. CBD Oil offers potent, bioavailable

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