Trump, Sanders win big in New Hampshire

Quoted from Trump, Sanders win big in New Hampshire on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Trump said Sen. Bernie Sanders, who entered the growing field running for the Democratic presidential nomination on Tuesday, had "missed his time." Sanders’s language reflects his message that he’s best positioned to defeat Trump, as well as an effort to assume the mantle of a front-runner who is looking ahead to the general election. York (AFP) - US Senator Bernie returned to the place of his birth Saturday to deliver the first rally speech of his presidential campaign, vog to defeat "the most dangerous president modern Tags: sanders, attacks, dangerous, trump, Bernie Sanders, in Iowa, promises Bernie hit the campaign trail Iowa on Friday night, rallyg a crowd of students at the University of Iowa with promises of “Medicare for all” and an end to the Trump admistration. It's to overemphasize how pletely and utterly Sen. Bernie domated the youth vote to this pot the 2016 presidential campaign.

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