Trump on Romney: ‘He wants to be back in the game’

Quoted from Trump on Romney: ‘He wants to be back in the game’ on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

The story of Mitt Romney and Donald Trump is long and plicated. And over the weekend, it added a new chapter. Mitt Romney will call Donald Trump a “phony” and “fraud” in a speech Thursday aimed at convincing Republicans to reject the GOP presidential frontrunner, according to reports. At his annual vite-ly summit Wasatch mountas of Utah, Mitt Romney predicted that nati should prepare for six more years of . Tags: mitt, romney, predicts, donald, Mitt Romney Says Donald Trump Dald , n president-elect, shakes hands with Mitt Romney after ir meetg at ternatial Golf Club, dmster wnship, New Jersey, Novemr 19, 2016. President reportedly asked Rna Romney McDaniel sp usg her maiden name, “Romney,” publicly fore she ok over as chairwoman of Republican Natial mittee.

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