Even Apple uses tech from the company allegedly helping the FBI crack an iPhone

There’s an entire industry devoted to cracking the iPhone  and other smartphones. These companies operate mostly in the dark, offering their services to clients when other methods of retrieving data from a gadget fail. Cellebrite is one of the companies with experience in cracking devices including the iPhone, and the security firm os believed to have inked a deal with the FBI to crack the San Bernardino iPhone 5c. If true, it would be a bit ironic because Cellebrite also counts Apple among its customers. DON’T MISS: 4 reasons why the FBI unlocking the San Bernardino iPhone without Apple is bad news Looking at the “shadowy global industry” that’s always working to extract information from smartphones, Associated Press mentions that Cellebrite is currently believed to be the unnamed third party helping the FBI pull data from an iPhone that had previously belonged to one of two San Bernardino shooters. The company makes devices that allow law enforcement agencies to extract and decode data from more than 15,000 kinds of smartphones and other mobile devices, including contacts, pictures and text messages. Cellebrite has contracts with the FBI dating back to 2014, Associated Press says, but also commercial products that can be used to transfer data from older phones to

Quoted from Even Apple uses tech from the company allegedly helping the FBI crack an iPhone on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

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