Can we stop pretending the iPad represents the future of computing?

When the iPad burst onto the scene in 2010, the tech world had never seen anything like it. Sales immediately exploded as the device became one of the fastest selling consumer electronics products in history. As a direct result, and in part fueled by bold proclamations from Apple CEO Tim Cook, many people began championing the notion that the post-PC era was upon us. Not to single out Cook, even Steve Jobs believed that tablets were going to one day eclipse PCs as the future of computing.  Much like the iPhone transformed the mobile phone landscape, it was widely assumed that the iPad would eventually turn the entire PC industry on its head. WARNING:  Anyone can access sensitive info on your iPhone without even unlocking it Next week will mark the sixth anniversary of the original iPad and it’s abundantly clear, I think, that the iPad currently does not, and will not ever, represent the future of computing. Sales wise, the iPad has been slumping for years. In fact, the last quarter where Apple enjoyed a year over year increase in iPad sales was during the December quarter of 2013. During Apple’s last quarter alone, iPad sales dropped by 25%

Quoted from Can we stop pretending the iPad represents the future of computing? on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

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