Apple will likely sell its one billionth iPhone later this year

When the iPhone 3Gs was launched in 2008, Apple sold more than 1 million iPhones in just one weekend. At the time, analysts were taken aback. Sure, it was expected that the iPhone would do well, but not many analysts assumed that demand for the iPhone would be  that  high. Flash forward seven years and the iPhone is still racking up sales and impressing analysts. The only difference is that the numbers, both in terms of unit sales and overall profits, are far more impressive. This past September, following the release of the iPhone 6s, Apple’s sold more than 13 million iPhones during the initial launch weekend, setting a new record in the process. And with the iPhone 7 launch looming, it’s a safe bet that Apple will once again set a new sales record in just a few months. DON’T MISS:  We may already know who died in that terrible ‘Walking Dead’ cliffhanger But there’s another iPhone sales achievement Apple will likely reach even before the iPhone 7 hits stores shelves – 1 billion iPhones sold. Between the launch of the original iPhone and the end of the 2015 calendar year, Apple to-date has sold a whopping total of 896 billion

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In Tim Cook’s ments on CNBC last week, he seemed to hint strongly that Apple will introduce new healthcare services or device features in the near to midterm. Apple might've put a price tag on its new game service. Users will get a one-month free trial of Apple Arcade and then will likely have to pay $4.99 per month, according to a report ments during ’s fiscal third quarter call suggest that be charging a fee for TV+ rather than offering it as a free service for those with an TV device. Tags: apple, will, likely, charge, Apple’s top spec Mac Pro Now ’s processor probably isn’t the W-3275M ( lists a much higher e size, to start), but the rest of the specs are pretty close. The Card was announced yesterday at the Cupertino pany’s services-based event as a US-only product — am iPh Wallet-integrated credit card, which is both virtual and physical, that offers up to 3 percent cash

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