Plants use circadian rhythms to prepare for battle with insects

In a study of the molecular underpinnings of plants’ pest resistance, biologists have shown that plants use circadian rhythms to both anticipate raids by hungry insects and to time the production of defensive hormones that protect against insect attack. The researchers demonstrated that when the plants’ timing was shifted, the plants were defenseless against daytime-feeding caterpillars.

Quoted from Plants use circadian rhythms to prepare for battle with insects on ScienceDaily: Top News

Yale University researchers have identified a key genetic gear that keeps the circadian clock of plants ticking, a finding that could have broad Circadian Responses Keeping time with biological clocks. Plants, like other living things, have biological clocks that allow them to respond to changes in time. Among the more obvious clock responses are "sleep movements" such as Sunflower have also given scientists a peek in the world of how improve their growth and ensure propagation. Tags: sunflowers, follow, suns, path, Circadian clock (plants) - AccessScience Cook, Roger I. Department of Biological Sciences, University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom. Millar, Andrew J. Department of Biological Sciences HISRICAL PERSPECTIVE ESSAY Plant The earth rotates on its axis every 24 h, the result that any position on the earth’s surface

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