Bernie Sanders begins making case to Hillary Clinton’s superdelegates

The Vermont senator held a press conference in Washington, D.C., on Sunday to mark one year since launching his presidential bid — and urge superdelegates to rethink their pledges to Hillary Clinton.

Quoted from Bernie Sanders begins making case to Hillary Clinton’s superdelegates on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Bernie Sanders threatens delegates with removal if they criticize Biden By Genevieve Leigh 23 May 2020 Senator Bernie Sanders’ political team has asked some of his delegates to sign an agreement Democratic senator Bernie Sanders has said 50 states are "going it alone" with no science-based national policy as the United States begins reopening from coronavirus lockdowns. During an warns 'it is the beginning of the end for Trump' after primary win The 78-year-old says the Democratic nominee will go on "defeat the most dangerous president" in modern US hisry. Tags: bernie, sanders, warns, beginning, I Watched A Bernie Sanders Ben Shapiro breaks down his masochistic endeavor watch an ENTIRE rally -- from beginning end -- over this past weekend. This is what he learned. This is what he learned. Watch It’s “Super Tuesday 2” and and Joe Biden will pete for 352 delegates as the 2020 presidential primary a new phase.

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