Bernie Sanders begins making case to Hillary Clinton’s superdelegates

The Vermont senator held a press conference in Washington, D.C., on Sunday to mark one year since launching his presidential bid — and urge superdelegates to rethink their pledges to Hillary Clinton.

Quoted from Bernie Sanders begins making case to Hillary Clinton’s superdelegates on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Bernie Sanders begins 2020 campaign in Brooklyn with false promises of at least $15 minimum wage and affordable childcare Sanders came so, so close last time against Hillary Clinton, only not really. But the Bernie Bros have their mythology. And now he’s back with his campaign peddling the idea that he is surging even Saying he was prepared speak "as long as possible" against a tax deal between the White House and congressional Republicans, Sen. ok t Tags: sanders, filibuster, begins, Bernie Sanders: "It May Well Democratic presidential candidate Sen. tells CNN's Jake Tapper it may be time for the House Judiciary mittee begin hearings decide if there are grounds for impeachment of is certainly no invenr and holds no patents, but it’s see how that fact is of any relevance, as the same is true of nearly every U.S. president.

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