Hackers can break into your company using $700 worth of parts from Amazon and eBay

Hackers looking to break into companies could do so with the help of a $350 device that can be purchased online from Amazon or eBay, new research shows. By taking advantage of the way most employee ID badges work,  hackers could simply manufacture counterfeit access cards that would work just like the original badges. DON’T MISS: Time to cut the cord: $95 gets you a Fire TV and free network TV in HD for life Researchers from RedTeam Security showed Tech Insider how easily it is to clone an access card belonging to any employee by simply roaming around. The hackers did not have to steal personal information belonging to that person and instead used a much simpler trick. Using a particular device that costs just $350, researchers pretended to visit a target company. “[We] got the big, long range reader from Amazon,” RedTeam Security consultant Matt Grandy said. “They’re also all over on eBay.” The attacker, posing as a student who requested a tour, carried the gadget in a seemingly harmless laptop bag that intercepted the unencrypted communication that takes place between an access card the moment it approaches a target. These work IDs use radio-frequency identification (RFID) to talk to doors

Quoted from Hackers can break into your company using $700 worth of parts from Amazon and eBay on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

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