5 examples of Apple’s insane attention to detail

In a story that’s been told a million times over, Steve Jobs, upon his return to Apple in 1997, completely turned the company upside down. He mercifully decimated Apple’s bloated product line and reinvigorated the company with a new sense of purpose. With Jobs at the helm, innovation and design excellence became a company-wide priority. In short order, Jobs’ admittedly obsessive attention to detail began to permeate through all aspects of Apple’s operations. From the shape of the icons on the iPhone to the type of materials used in Apple retail stores, Jobs viewed every single detail, no matter how minute, as an important piece of a larger puzzle that warranted deep thought and consideration. DON’T MISS:  Video shows the massive size of the U.S. military’s arsenal Listed below are 5 examples which demonstrate Apple’s insane attention to detail. Apple Pencil Since its release late last year as a $99 add-on accessory for the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil has received heaping amounts of praise. Specifically, the Apple Pencil has a nice heft to it, operates smoothly, is extremely responsive, and has proven to be a great tool for writing, designing, illustrating and drawing. In fact, many have extolled the

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