President-elect or not, Trump is going to trial this year in Trump U fraud case

A federal judge in San Diego set the stage on Friday for what could be one of the strangest presidential transitions in history: He ordered that Donald Trump must go to trial starting Nov. 28 in a civil case in which he is accused of defrauding students who attended Trump University. “No doubt this will be a challenge … we’re in unchartered waters,” said Donald Petrocelli, Trump’s lead lawyer in the case, when asked later how his client — if elected in November — would be able to balance preparing to take over the presidency with taking the witness stand in a trial that could run almost until the eve of the following January’s inauguration. But Petrocelli said Trump was fully prepared to testify and would even attend “most, if not all” of the trial in order to vindicate himself.

Quoted from President-elect or not, Trump is going to trial this year in Trump U fraud case on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

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