Whatever you do, don’t buy these smartphones

There is nothing in consumer tech right now that’s as hot as the smartphone market, even as it nears saturation in many regions, and the real beauty of it is that there are so many options. Every company out there wants a piece of the action and they’re all looking for ways to differentiate their products, so there really is something for everyone. It’s not easy to make a choice that can truly be considered wrong since different people have different needs and wants, but there is one line of smartphones that people probably shouldn’t bother with unless they having a burning desire to dump hundreds of dollars into a dead platform. As noted by market research firm Gartner, Windows Phone’s share of the global smartphone market actually fell below 1% this past quarter for the first time ever, market yet another stop on Microsoft’s one-way trip to smartphone irrelevance. As such, the worst mistake you can make when buying a new phone is to buy a Windows Phone, unless you’re fine with burning cash on a platform that’s on its way out. Actually, there is one smartphone platform that somehow has an even lower share of the global market — BlackBerry OS —

Quoted from Whatever you do, don’t buy these smartphones on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

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