Pebble just re-invented the iPod Shuffle, and it runs Spotify

Back in the days before RunKeeper and GPS watches, my jogs were a beautifully simple thing: I strapped on an iPod Shuffle loaded with a strong mix of Britney and Eminem, and vanished into my own little world for an hour. A couple years later, I transitioned to Spotify and never really looked back. But running with an armband and a 5-inch phone never felt quite the same, and clearly other people agree. That’s why I’m absurdly happy that Pebble, a small Canadian company that makes wearables, is making a Shuffle-sized device that clips on to your shorts, plays your Spotify playlists, and tracks runs. DON’T MISS: iPhones will finally get the OLED screens they deserve The Core is a $70 device about the same size as an old Shuffle, complete with a little clip. It allows you to store Spotify playlists on the 4GB of built-in storage, or stream them over a 3G connection. It also has built-in GPS and integration with popular apps like RunKeeper and Strava, so you can track your workouts. Finally, it builds in an emergency SOS button using that cellular radio, so you still have the comfort value of not being completely cut off from

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