Apple’s AI sounds like a dormant giant about to be awakened

Many people criticize  Apple’s  voice-based assistant since Siri tends to run into problems on the  iPhone and other devices. Some even worry that Apple might have a tough time combating Google’s artificial intelligence, and even potentially face a fate similar to BlackBerry in the event that its AI can’t compete. But it turns out that Apple is working on an advanced AI product of its own, which could be unveiled in the very near future. DON’T MISS:  iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 faced off in a drop test and it was brutal After a recent report said that Siri APIs will be open to third-party developers and a Siri-based competitor for Amazon Echo will be unveiled at WWDC 2016, a new story delves into Apple’s highly secretive AI research and development plans. Writing on Medium , Brian Roemmele reminds us that Apple is very interested in voice-based computing – a Steve Jobs legacy – and in AI. Through a combination of in-house development and smart investments, Apple could offer a powerful AI experience without having had as much time as Google or Facebook to train its virtual assistant. Roemmele calls Apple’s next voice-based computing experience Siri2, adding that he’s very certain

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