Drone footage of BASE Jumpers in Norway is positively insane

The proliferation of drones equipped with video cameras has provided us with a growing repository of awe-inspiring, incredible and — let’s be honest — downright peculiar videos. From footage of an eagle attacking a drone mid-air to mesmerizing drone footage of the world’s highest waterfall , drones today are continuously feeding us awesome new video footage taken from angles that would have been impossible to capture otherwise The most recent example of drones doing their thing comes to us from Kjerag, Norway where a group of BASE Jumpers recently employed a drone to capture footage of them as they jump off perilously high cliffs. DON’T MISS:  15 paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale today Uploaded over the weekend, the half the video shows us some incredible scenic shots of Norway. The real action, though, begins at about one minute and thirty seconds in. As a quick aside, drone enthusiasts might be interested to know that the footage was filmed using a DJi Phantom 3 pro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0_EydzGd4E Thankfully, this video footage doesn’t include any bizarre clips of men sunbathing in unexpected places a’la the drone footage of a man who was caught chilling on top of a 200-ft wind turbine in Rhode Island this

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