SanDisk may have just unveiled the perfect mobile storage solution

The USB Type-C port is an excellent innovation. It can deliver both power and high-speed data at the same time while letting device makers create even thinner laptops, tablets and smartphones. The port is already found on a variety of new gadgets, including the 12-inch Retina MacBook, a variety of Windows-based MacBook clones, and some of the hottest Android devices around. But choosing USB-C devices also means you have to buy adapters or new gadgets that are fitted with these new connectors, including external storage solutions. Thankfully, SanDisk – well, Western Digital – is ready to save the day with a USB-C Dual Drive flash memory drive that can connect to a computer or smartphone via USB-C and USB 3.1. DON’T MISS: Amazon’s 12 best daily deals: Two killer Android phones, crazy-fast wireless router, much more Announced at Computex 2016, the new drive comes in various storage capacities, including 16GB ($19.99), 32GB ($29.99), 64GB ($39.99) and 128GB ($69.99). The flash drive has a reversible connector that lets you switch between USB-C and USB 3.1. When it comes to performance, the device boasts transfer speeds of up to 150MB/s which isn’t bad, considering this is a flash drive that we’re talking about.

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The SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C flash drive plements the pany's suite of SanDisk brand USB Type-C flash memory solutions which range from USB drives to portable SSDs. Das Leben ist mobil – Vertrauen Sie Ihre Erinnerungen SanDisk an. Nehmen Sie Ihr Mobiltelefon überall hin mit. Es gibt keine Begrenzungen. Es sollte keine Begrenzungen für Ihre Speicherkapazität geben. Out of 100 plus SD cards I purchased from I only had one fail. With ’s 10 year warranty y replaced it and sent me a new one at no charge. That Tags: sandisk, ultra, 200gb, microsdxc, I may have Shorted out With battery out, put player in MSC mode, connect it to puter with Sansa cord, go into My puter or puter and Explore whichever drive is Sansa E200. See if

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