Legendary Apple marketing guru believes Apple has ‘lost its way’

Writing for The Guardian , longtime Apple marketing guru Ken Segall argues that Apple, in the absence of Steve Jobs, has lost its way . Whereas the company previously harnessed the “power of simplicity” to deliver products and services that were intuitive and easy to use, Segall argues that the “simplicity” that previously defined Apple has waned in recent years. While critiques of Apple are a dime a dozen these days, Segall is certainly a voice worth paying attention to. A close confidant of Steve Jobs, Segall played an instrumental role in some of Apple’s most memorable ad campaigns and, in some circles, is even credited with putting the ‘i’ in the original iMac. DON’T MISS:  Hackers are using remote-control software Teamviewer to hijack PCs and drain PayPal accounts So what’s bugging Segall, exactly? Well, a few things. For starters, Segall brings up the idea that Apple’s product lines may now be needlessly complex. Apple now sells three different iPhones, four different iPads and three different MacBooks. The Apple Watch comes in seemingly infinite combinations of sizes and bands. The Apple universe is exploding with complexity. It’s a fair point, but even Segall is quick to bring up the fact

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