Today only: Transfer all your old VHS tapes to DVD for just $30

Talk about the end of an era — VHS tapes aren’t even made anymore. There are young generations now that can’t even remember what life was like before cell phones had built-in cameras. Meanwhile, I can still remember back when my parents got our first camcorder, which connected to a full-size VCR that you had to hang around your shoulder and lug around with you so it could record directly onto VHS tapes. It was quite a setup, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s long gone. Even though VHS tapes are relics of the past, there are still millions of families out there with precious memories that are recorded on these huge tapes. Don’t keep buying new VCRs to watch them when they break and definitely don’t throw them away. Instead, grab the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus kit, which is on sale on Amazon today for just under $30 shipped. Here are some key details: Minimum System Requirements: Microsoft® Windows 8, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows Vista® Home Basic (SP1), Windows® XP (SP3 for 32-bit, SP2 for 64-bit) Add transitions between videos, trim unwanted content Capture video at full DVD-quality resolution Capture from most analog camcorders, VCRs or even DVD

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