This website automatically texts ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers to your worst enemy

I don’t know that I hate anyone enough to continually text them  Game of Thrones  spoilers from an anonymous number. But luckily, if I did, there’s an app for that. As  The Next Web  spotted, for a simple one-off payment of $0.99, Spoiled.io will spam a phone number of your choice with  Game of Thrones  spoilers. The texts (which also appear to contain photos) are sent in real time, so even if your target is watching on a slightly laggy free stream, they’ll have their evening of entertainment thoroughly ruined. DON’T MISS:  The all-white Kindle is back, and it has double the storage According to the website, the creator was inspired by the story of a spurned ex who got back at her cheating boyfriend by texting  Game of Thrones  spoilers to him every evening. In that tale, our eponymous heroine was forced to use friends’ phones to avoid getting blocked; in this case, it should be far simpler, since the texts are already coming from an anonymous source. There’s no Whois data available for the site, so there’s no way of knowing who is behind it or what evil nemesis they’re trying to get back at. In fact, the

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