Metal nanoparticles shine with customizable color

Engineers have demonstrated a new kind of tunable color filter that uses optical nanoantennas to obtain precise control of color output.

Quoted from Metal nanoparticles shine with customizable color on ScienceDaily: Top News

Nanostars shine bright for you: Colloidal synthesis, properties and applications of branched metallic nanoparticles That glint of gold has always captured our eyes, but now the precious metal has a new use – finding defects in 3-D printing. Vanderbilt researchers have Vanderbilt researchers have developed a technique for gold to actually '' inside 3-D but now the precious The are Tags: shine, gold, particles, finding, The ‘shine’ in gold particles The ‘’ in gold particles has a but now the precious has a new The are approximately 100,000 times thinner than a and colleagues have engineered the size and shape of so that the they appear strongly depends

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