Flashback: Here’s what reviewers said about the original iPhone

To call the iPhone a revolutionary device is nothing short of an understatement. Given the myriad of ways in which Apple’s iconic smartphone has profoundly impacted not only the way we use mobile devices but how we communicate and interact with the world at large, the iPhone is undeniably a once-in-a-lifetime device whose far-reaching influence may never again be matched. Not surprisingly, TIME earlier this year called it the most influential gadget in history. One of the reasons why the iPhone is an innovation that stands above most is that it immediately turned an entire industry on its head. When Steve Jobs first introduced the device, he boasted that it was five years ahead of anything else on the market. And as it turned out, it took about that long before Android devices managed to reach parity with the iPhone. DON’T MISS:  The iPhone 7 nightmare Today, smartphones — whether you happen to be an iPhone or Android user — are essentially miniaturized command and control centers that touch all aspects of our lives. Throughout the course of any given day, a smartphone user might use his or her device to listen to music, video chat with friends, play games,

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