Spotify is furious at Apple because it’s not a non-profit

There’s a big problem with building a business on the back of other companies’ businesses: You have to play by their rules. There are countless examples of companies losing their cool when a free ride comes to an end. Twitter is an example that instantly comes to mind. Developers spent so long building apps and services utilizing free access to Twitter’s APIs and its users’ data. They made money — a whole lot of money — with these services and paid nothing to Twitter as they did. Then, when Twitter made some changes to its model that impacted many developers’ products, they flipped. Fast forward to this week, when Spotify’s general counsel sent a letter to Apple’s lawyers, basically slamming the company for not giving Spotify a free ride while it pulls in millions in fees from iPhone and iPad users. MUST READ:  5 ways the iPhone is still better than Android after all these years The App Store was a game-changing idea that moved mobile software portals onto mobile devices. Those of us old enough to recall what app distribution was like before the iOS App Store will know just how important it was to the evolution of mobile devices. Of course, Apple didn’t create the

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