Monday’s best Prime Day countdown deals

Ladies and gentlemen… boys and girls… it’s almost time for the main event. Amazon Prime Day officially begins at midnight Pacific Time on Tuesday, June 12, and Amazon is promising more than 100,000 different bargains across every product category you can possibly imagine. From toys and books to gadgets, furniture, kitchen items and everything in between, you’re going to find it all on sale for Prime Day. But you know what you won’t find on sale tomorrow? The deals listed below, because they’re all available today only. Deals on digital movie downloads and rentals : This huge sale offers deep discounts on the entire Harry Potter movie collection, 10 Cloverfield Lane and Gods of Egypt, as well as $0.99 rental deals on more than 35 different titles. 45% off the perfect Bluetooth headphones for your future iPhone 7 : Apple’s new iPhones this year won’t have normal 3.5mm headphone jacks, so get these terrific Bluetooth headphones now and make sure you’re ready when the iPhone 7 comes out. FLIR ONE infrared iPhone camera for 20% off : The crazy camera attachment might be the coolest iPhone accessory that has ever been created. We’ll let you decide. How can an HDTV possibly

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