RNC breaks precedent with explicitly partisan prayer

A South Carolina pastor offered the most explicitly partisan prayer heard at a major party convention in modern times.

Quoted from RNC breaks precedent with explicitly partisan prayer on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

The RNC raised $12.8 million in February and $157.7 million overall in the 2017-2018 cycle. It is a record for a non-election year. McDaniel credited the president's policies for their fundraising success. RNC Breaks Another Fundraising Record, Surpasses $200 Million for Midterm Effort. Kartel Staff July 17, 2018 The acplishment marked the first time the raised that amount, that fast, in a non-presidential election year. September's $10.4 million give the $44.1 million in the bank a total of $104.4 million Tags: breaks, fundraising, record, fueled, RNC Breaks Fundraising Record, 'Fueled Of the 's direct contributions this year, almost 60 percent – more than $44 million of the $75 million in total – have e from small donations. Overall, over 98 percent of those who gave The Republican National mittee () Each national convention since then has followed the of equal representation for each state or

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