This interactive camera lets you play with your pet from the other side of the world

Pet cameras are old news, and we’ve even seen internet-controlled treat dispensers before. But the latest gadgets from Petcube look perfect for guilty pet owners that want to mess with their dogs while they’re at work. The Petcube Bite and Petcube Play both launched today on Kickstarter . They’re pretty similar: a wall-mounted unit connects to a cube-shaped camera, and you control everything from a smartphone app. DON’T MISS: The difference between the two are the modules. The Petcube Play packs a laser pointer, which you can activate and drag around using the smartphone app. The Bite is a refillable treat dispenser that lets you remotely fling treats. Both of them also let you monitor your pet and talk to them, which means you can have an impromptu training session from your office desk with a dog that’s home alone all day. https://youtu.be/IoECdaWFODI Both products look good, but not perfect. I’m not wild about needing to wall-mount them, since that rules out a lot of renters and ties you down to one location in the home, although the wall-mount does mean that a dog will struggle to destroy it. The 100-capacity refillable treat dispenser is also good, and more spacious

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