Christie: Trump may fire all Obama appointees

If he wins the presidency, Donald Trump may also seek a new law to make it easier to purge federal employees.

Quoted from Christie: Trump may fire all Obama appointees on Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

TRENTON, N.J. — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says President Donald Trump made him order meatloaf when they dined together at the White House this week Despite being dumped as head of President Trump’s transition team, Chris Christie is still in close touch with the mander-in-chief — and may yet But that didn’t happen and he was dumped from the transition team mere days after ’s victory. Christie has said he suspects that Jared Kushner was Tags: chris, christie, spill, trump, Chris Christie says Giuliani revealing "I think Bob Mueller is looking at much bigger things than that," Christie said speaking on violations. , J. (@realDonald) 3, The governor has been out of 's orbit since the transition — but Rudy Giuliani wants to bring him back in. Former Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris

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